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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Filipino’s call it “singaw”. It is common to have this whenever it is hot, as it is now that it is summertime, or those times you unintentionally biting your own tongue. What is uncommon is, my daughter have it more often than normal…almost every after two months since she was a baby. This was referred to all her pedia’s and ENT’s…but no conclusive answer was given (until one of her pedia’s reliever advice for me to consult an immunologist). I am now trying to gather information through the net for possible reason for its continuous, bothersome manifestation.

Stomatitis and Canker Sore are the medical terms I find closely resembling it’s features. Prevention mentiones were being observed already, like cleanliness and sanitation. Some noted advices were using water with salt as mouth rinse. Considerations are observed now to pinpoint the most possible culprit. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in toothpaste for one should be avoided (unfortunately all toothpaste in the market has it?!) Though a couple of months ago, I tried all together avoiding the use of toothpaste on her just to see. She still developed the mouth sore. Octyl Gallate as preservative is another ingredient that may cause the problem. None written as such in those foods that is not fresh that I give her. I gather that I also have to check with the manufacturers. But thinking about it, these mouth sores started even before she had her solid foods. Nutritional deficiencies in Fe, Folic Acid and B-Vitamins is also mentioned, but then again, she’s a perfectly healthy baby if not for this eruptions. Emotional stress do not pose as a problem to consider, I am definite at this. A plugged nasal airways causes dryness of mouth tissue. We both have nasal allergies, and though nasal congestion is not evident, it is still best to consult a specialist. Will tell you what they think the moment we have her worked up!!!

As of the present, I blame it on heredity since her dad up to now have episodes of having tiny “singaw’s”. Though hers sometimes aggravate to a week-long sore with high fever and too much pain (the photo says it all!!!) and her dad’s to a mere few days and minimal pain, a kid is still a kid. Immune system may not be strong enough to fight it.

I really wish to find out the nature of this ASAP!

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