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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In the same room where years ago I saw the “kimoman”, with me are my cousin Bachie, a year old czaey, and a baby-sitter, playing. Nobody’s home. It’s just us and a driver in a BIG expensive house. I remember our voices echoing as we fooled around. Almost no other sound except from the car washing the driver is busily doing downstairs.

I was facing my companions to which is turned from the door at a right angle, when I suddenly saw from peripheral vision, a man who peaked from the door exposing a fully bended body sideways. I turned looking at it hoping for it to disappear to confirm it just being an imagination or something…but dreadfully, he stayed as he is, positioned in that difficult stance and smiled! I can hardly believe it…but he is the very same man I feared since I was a child! A man I saw in a Philippine movie, starred by the infamous Chiquitto and Nino Muhlach. This man is named “Bening” in that film, and he is just a head that popped up from Nino Muhlach’s back.

How could they, these “something’s” here, know even about my childhood fears??? Creepy huh?!

Everyone saw my fear stricken look and turned asking what it is just in time for the vision to hide back its dangling form. I quickly told them and the baby sitter hurried to look …but of course, no one’s there. The driver cannot be him because I sneak a quick look at the window and saw him downstairs all wet from the car washing. And that he exactly look different as I predicted. Not curly, not tall, not having those big almost red eyes as if poked…it definitely is not him, and definitely not “Bening”!

The whole house was checked still...every corner with the help of the driver, and as expected...NOTHING!

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