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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LTO (Land Transportation Office)

Time to renew my license! I went to LTO yesterday, the agency responsible for the monitoring of it in our country and filed the needed requirements.

It’s distressing though that the verification I did in their website before I decided to do the 1hour travel to their location has been to no avail. The prices they posted for each processing step is way too low. (Yes, there are a lot of steps…which BTW I find not necessary. Not only are they time consuming, but also made just for them to charge more costs!!!) This makes me wonder now if there’s inconsistency between branches…or if it’s the “common” corruption through red tape in the Philippines (grrrr..)

One employee even confirmed my suspicions when I openly mentioned fixers (those people that willingly by-pass procedures for a cost) and the banner hanged by their office reminding penalty of punishable by law to fixers. He said “It’s nothing but a front” and that fixers are still swarming around the place. I second him for that since I have encountered three in the two processes I’ve gone through.

Duh?! When will this ever end….

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