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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yehey! I can see the onset of diaper-free days!!!

My daughter being three and a half years of age, now takes off her diaper after a midday or an all-night sleep, EMPTY. I hope it’s not just the summer season, being so hot and dehydrating=)

I remember when on her first few months, I tried switching from one brand of diaper to another. I’ve tried some that gave her skin rash, some that leaks, some that’s not so absorbent she felt uneasy after one wetting, some having their gels coming out…and they were even more costly than the originally used Huggies Dry .

So from day 1 until today, she’s using Huggies. I can find no other better than this. I was mistaken to think that it is expensive. It isn’t after all. Because with it, we don’t have to change and change, for even if it’s too full to stay fastened on her she’s still dry; and I need not buy anti-rash creams and powders. Believe me, it’s the best there is!

Not just for the mom’s…but for the babies moreso. Its high cut design keeps her comfortable, with the breathable cloth-like wrap used (not like the plastic ones the other brands use), the soft fastenings that isn’t sharp to cut her skin if misplaced (she did a couple of times with those trials I put her through), plus the cute design of little animals that my kid loves to look at.

Still…it’s nice to give them up…and now it’s just those cute little panties for my little girl.

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