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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We each belong to a different bloodline…different ancestry…different lineage…different family tree. It’s not surprising that each and every one of us also have differing personality, traits, qualities, persona, likes and dislikes. Genetic make-up plays a major role, but environmental factors also portray an important part.

In one family, having dinner all together is being carried out everyday, but in another family they do so at any time any one prefers to, and this routine do not affect them in anyway as when it will if done in the first family. Simply because that is how it was with them even from the very start. That maybe it was carried on from the previous generation’s upbringing.

On a much farther distance, another country may have distinct culture from ours. If in some places, it is with in their culture that children of legal age may move out of their house and be on their own with the parents not going against it. Here in the Philippines, unmarried children stay with their parents may they be capable to be on their own or not. In fact, some married children, even.

If you notice, not two people look exactly alike. That’s how God made us. And not one has the same personality as another. In totality, each individual is unique in its own special way!

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