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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Good friend Cathy have a 6month old baby, and is asking for advice regarding constipation. She chose the right person to ask…because I’ve gone through such a stage with my li’l Anya, to the point of her having anal tear and pooping trauma.

Milk formula is the very first possible culprit, thus have to be reassessed. Her baby Chiara used to be on breastfed, and the change has only been a month so it has to be looked into.

Her water intake should also be increased since there is a big possibility for dehydration during summer time.

Since the baby has been weaned to semi-solid foods, elimination of constipating foods shall be done. Most commonly, mothers give them scraped apples or lactan (banana variety), which are both highly constipating.

As what I’ve done with my kiddo before, her diet was made to be fiber rich, inclusive of oatmeal, jello’s, prunes or raisins, rice gruel, papaya and veggies. During her weaning stage, all the above mentioned were blenderized to appropriate consistencies. It also came to a point that I was giving her water with syrup to help with water absorption, and her feeds added with olive oil.

You can try these…but as for me, only one thing worked, I changed formula to PEDIASURE. That’s the best there is! After a few changes, I landed to this formula that solved the problem automatically! Everything changed with it. No more traumatic pooping times,now she’s even using her potty trainer… plus the fact that this formula is complete in itself. And up until now, she’s using this brand. Whatever weight she loses with sickness, she gains it back in 2days!


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