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Monday, March 2, 2009


I just finished reading "again" a Judith McNaught bestseller, "Whitney, My LOVE". It is one of those stories that makes me want to read over and over. The love affair of Whitney and the Duke of Claymore Clayton Westmoreland is so perfect one would want to have such story of her own. They also have their obstacles to make it true-to-life romance.

The author made the story last for as long as can be going from one setting to another, one event to another. And there is no dull moment for the reader, that one cannot put down the book to have a break. It also is not so short you're hoping for more, nor is it overly long to be dragging and wearisome.

The main character, Whitney, possesses qualities that is the envy of most. Her beauty is like no other, just as her wit and courage. The Duke of Claymore, as well, supasses one's man of her dreams. The author McNaught was able to bring out the best in each character. Infact, even in her secondary characters.

I love reading a Judith McNaught not just for her superb ideas but also her way of writing. She's one of the authors I favor whenever I search for a novel to read; and I'm hoping to collect all of her books.

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