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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A proud mother, that I am!

It was the 4th of October in 2005 when I gave birth to a 6.12oz. little bundle. Wrapped in a pink hospital blanket, there sleeps a baby bigger than all others beside her. The biggest face with two chubby pink cheeks. The nurses and visitors alike, both can't keep commenting on her "cherub-like" face.

Three years after, people are still fasinated with the thick curly lashes, button little nose, red pouty mouth that have even tiny white teeth and pink puffed cheeks. If before she have few hairs on her head that one can almost, as was her choice, a long straight hair that have colorful ornaments that differs everyday.

She's not just all "beauty"...for she's also showing signs of being "brainy". Infact, she's a year ahead from other kids her age when it comes to knowledge and development. The alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, animals are all too familiar to her at the age of two. Her wrting and drawing skills are also that of a kindergarden now.

Still, that's not the end of it. People around her seem to feel a pull towards her with her charm. She entertain a newcomer to ease them of unfamiliarity; she tells stories or sing to bored companions; and most often cuddles, hug and kiss her love ones with an uttered endearment like i love you mom, or "ang ganda mo" ("you're so beautiful" to show her appreciation of you), or "ang laki ng muscle mo" ("what big muscles you have") and the like. You don't see her in tantrums as well. Nor can you hear her cry unless she's in pain.

What can I say...she's a mother's dream come true. She's MY dream come true! =)

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