Monday, May 13, 2013

After the Vote...


The light flickers...
Is there a coming foreseen incident, today being Election Day?
Or is it just a result of the sudden dark heavy clouds formation?
Just 3 hours ago, I finished filling in with black the circles in the ballot provided to me in my precint.  I chose what was chosen, let the PCOS machine eat out the paper and let the man-in-charge put me the indelible ink that made me think twice initially to reach out for him to put it in my nail.
I was blogging, sharing what transpired earlier when I again noted the ugly tint.  "Where among my blog do I put it...darn, how do I take this off?!"  Is there no way to do this voting thing without giving the implication that people are not trusted to do just what is right?  They, we, had to be marked "done!"  Where did the day go when people can be left to do what is required?
Seriously, this again made me stop and think.  My thought on this election for government officials?  This is too worldly for us to dwell on.  A citizen choose someone that "might" be for-the-people then again is he the same person he really is as seen by the Higher Being?  Is this candidate a supreme being to cure the cancer of the society?  Is this human being capable of fighting against the wrath of nature?  Why is it that the election seems to be the highlight of their days on earth, killing each other just to get the position? 
Did they forget that life on earth is NOT our life...that we are merely just passing by? 

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imelda said...

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