Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is a comment I left at this one blog I passed along, rambling thoughts, when I read her post about potentials:

This is a surprise for I am about to post something about potentials myself, but of lesser impact. Was thinking of sharing what my personal experience is...not knowing I had the potential until my boss saw something more of me than what I myself see. She pushed and pushed me giving me more things to do and more responsibilities to handle than my other collegues...until I reached the highest peak of my career. I learned then that I am better than I believe myself to be.

This is common to most people, not knowing that they’re good; some probably due to insecurities from their younger years, or of how their family treats them. It is inevitable that we grow and face the world alone, and this is when we face adversities to topple, challenges to face and win…in the end you will know that YOU CAN WIN! That you are capable and better than you thought possible. That your self worth is way above your measure.

All you need is motivation. And may this be the motivation that can push you up and succeed as I did in overcoming put-down’s from myself and others.

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