Tuesday, February 28, 2012



THE BEST WAY TO REMEMBER WEBSITES is with the use of clipix.

I have tons of things to do, and it can never be as easy as how I do them today.  Thanks for the “computer” age, because now I can almost do everything anywhere I am…as long as I have an access to the net!  And we have to admit that there really is access to the net wherever you are nowadays.  Most especially if you have your very own computer with you, desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook, and so on.

Because now that CLIPIX exists, I can organize the websites that I need to go back to.  First, I am a woman that loves to look good.  I love to know where to see the best fashion items from tops, shoes, bags, hair styles, make-ups, perfume and on it goes.  I also am a woman who loves to be healthy and to cook, and so I need to remember where to go to see healthy recipes, exercises to keep my tummy tucked, how to stay fit with the right diet, and so on.  I am a music lover who listen to different genre and loves to sing those songs with the proper lyrics, a wise buyer that gets excited with good deals and discounts, a follower of celebrity news abroad, a wide reader of the latest news as well as many different books, a person that strives from continuous growth in knowledge may it be in science, personality, relationships, baby care/children, to know the best places to go, …and on it goes.  I am a blogger and I have tons of friends in the blogosphere in the whole wide world and going back to their sites is an enjoyment.  I work in and out of the web and I have to admit that the web is part of my life.

In simple words, there are just too many things to see and there are so much sites I access.  To make it much easier, I use an organizer that help me cope up with the fast pace of life while doing what I do.  And it’s so fast and easy too, I just signed up using my Facebook account  (could be an Email or Twitter account), grab the clipix button and placed it on my “bookmarks” toolbar and started clipping together related sites I visit in one clipboard to another.  And now, they are available for my instant clicks.  See below for what I started on:

I’m definite that you have your very own site preferences as well.  Maybe you are sporty, a pet lover, tech-y, or probably movie freak.  I don’t know…how about a share of idea of what you will do with our own clipix if you were me?  I’d love to here those favorites of yours, maybe I have more to add to my clipboards.  Wait no more and start building your ONE-CLICK visit to your favorite sites with CLIPIX.  

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