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Monday, August 29, 2011


In less than three (3) years time, the Largest Arena in the world sitting 50,000 capacity will be open to the public... this can be found in such a small country, a third world country in the far east, the Philippines. Surprising as it seems, it is not to the Church of Christ ( Iglesia Ni Cristo) who is making this possible. "To God be the Glory" is the response heard to every brethren who hears praises and comments to this phenomenal infrastructure that will have great effects to the growth of
economy and tourism of the country. From the lips of many Filipino's, especially from government officials, it is a "dream come true"...that now we are living the reality as the ground breaking ceremony was held to make it official and verified to the public.

It will be raised at the very center of Bocaue, Bulacan near NLEX (north Luzon expressway). It will be very visible, this "biggest infrastructure of its kind in the world." Apart from building the dome sports complex will also be a 330 bed capacity hospital, a school and other edifice which will be built altogether at one time. This will be made true by top notch contractors, architectural design consultants from Korea, Australia and UK. All of whom are having difficulty believing at first that such a small minority group before became big enough to have members from 98 territories and countries world wide. And that when people the world over are slowly ebbing away from their religious obligations and their strength in faith dissipating, the members of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) are getting stronger and stronger in faith. That when most are getting economically depressed, they are here putting up an P8 Billion worth of historic structure. How can such be? These and more made them wonder and are curious to know the doctrines the church believes in for the members to have such devotion. There is something there in between for the unbelievable flourishing of faith and the steadfastness of the members to the words of God. None other than God himself. It will indeed be revealed which is the true Church as it is guided by God and will succeed in everything no matter the situation because the very creator is making all things possible for the Church. The world is very near its end, every prophesy written in the bible has happened and is happening; famine, earthquakes, different calamities, evilness of man. What was left of our time we have to use in praising Him. We should all hurry and be in our wake to do everything to His greater glory. And that is the primary objective for this ambitious but now a reality project, to Glorify God.

The Philippine Arena is expected to be a pride of the Philippines. The Church Administration offers the rise of this arena to the Lord God but is also pushing forth the success of its opening for the country and for the whole world. It is not a surprise that at such an early time, merely the grand breaking yet, and many contractors from different parts of the world already are extending interest to hold international competitions, shows, and different events in it.

This certainly is worth waiting for. July 27, 2014 will be the 100th year anniversary of the Church Of Christ. And just as timely will be the rise of this interesting arena the world just have to see.

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dan ronald digitals said...

to god be the glory! nice article jen

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