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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I tried to do some visiting back to visitors in my blogs...BTW, thank you so much everyone for continues patronage of my 5 blogs. Sorry, my schedule's too tight the past few months. I will TRY t visit everyone (oh how i wish i can...but 'll really try).

To I was doing my rounds, I came upon this new friend who posted about a very informative post about a VIRUS. It says to eat up your Hard Disk C drive. That this has been in the CNN news and that YOU SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL IN OPENING EMAIL MESSAGES. Whether you receive this from a known individual or not, when you see the "BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE" attachment, delete it right away and restart your computer.

The world is truly getting worse. People are getting more and more selfish by the minute. Imagine this virus spreading for what? They are harming computers just for the heck of it?! It will not even benefit them. Unless they are those producing computers and their goal is for people to lose their computers and buy another. But there's just so many competition that they don't even know if it will be them benefiting from that selfish act or their competitor. JUST THINKING OUT LOUD, mind you. Because I really can't digest this occurrences and who are responsible for it. Do you have an idea? Who do you think do this and why?

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Anonymous said...

I've no prior input on this virus. Thanks for the alert, i'll pass it on to my friends too, hey you've got yr new profile picture, you're certainly getting more beautiful these days eh, keep it up dear, are you competing with Anya? heh heh

lina@happy family said...

Thanks for this info, Jenie, I'll be more careful.

One's spreading virus to show their existence and expertise :(

Dorothy L said...

I have never understood the why's of people who sabotage or vandalize another persons property. It is a negative action being carried out at the expense of others. People that do this..have a lot to learn about being kind and real. It is the good people that pass this information on that make the world a better place.
Thank you dear friend for passing this along~

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi Jenie, I so agree with Dorothy, why not see the sun shine on other people too, and to go out of your way to do other harm, that is just beyond me. In our country we see that a lot. Yesterday an elderly lady was beaten to death by her employee, the motive seems to be robbery, but he could have robbed her without killing her. My opinion is that the motive was murder and robbery. This kind of thing happens a lot, specially on farms, where people live in isolated places. The farmer, the very person who supply the country with meat of other food products, is killed, so automatically one person less to supply food to the country.

Beats me.

Thanks for commenting on my site, always love to hear from you.

Take care my friend.

Ps, please, if you have a moment, visit our other site:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for this post.......i hate virus..

ASWANI said...

Hi Jennie, its been a long long time...I believe so! You must have surely missed me and I too did miss you a lot :(

Anyways, I was glad to see you on my blog few days back and many thanks for your precious comment. Really appreciated. hmm...this virus sounds like a murderer :O

Thank you for all these info on the same. I will keep it in my mind. Keep smiling and Keep blogging. And yes, nice pic :):)

David Funk said...

Hey Jenie! It's been a long time.

Dorothy hit the nail on the head in her comment. Yes, I do think there are a lot of selfish out there, too.

I don't know who is doing this, but what is clear is the agenda behind all of them that are going around. I think in the big picture, it is a matter of control for those that cause these negative actions.

Have a good one Jenie!

jenie=) said...

@ hans ~yes,it will be best to pass it around...and yes, competing a li'l with anya haha. can't very well be just a nanny by her side...i would love to hear comments like "oh that's why anya's pretty" or things like that (wink!)

@ lina ~you're probably right...people just keeps getting more selfish. they wanna be known "good or great" even at the expense of others and of destruction.

@ dorothy ~ thank you for the good words =) it's just that i believe we can somehow beat those "bad" man with good deeds. people around are getting low on morale, having poorer manners, and lovers of evil than good. sigh! life is getting harder to live by, and it's mans fault.

@ sexylegsandbody ~ those are horrible facts that happens everywhere already, colin. and it almost surprises me to find good in people nowadays. and each time i do, like here today, i thank the heavens =) will pass by your new site ;)

jenie=) said...

@ arvin ~ yeah, we all do!

@ aswani ~ you're right, i missed having you around. thanks for dropping by. i am kindda busy with work, that's why i wasn't been around lately. thanks for the compliment. will bear in mind to use this pic in whichever i needa pic for haha.

@ david ~ happy to see you here again's been a while. you're right, man wants power and control. Only, they use it for their own selfish reasons and they care not how it affects others.

simply kim said...

really? thank so much for the warning, girl! this is the first time i heard about this..

a visit from kim!

Manileña Mom said...

Hi, visiting you from my google connect.

virus are actually created for you to keep on buying antiviruses. ever notice when you have a virus, your "free" anti virus asks you to do an upgrade so you can rid of the pesky virus eating up your files? that's how it is, business and money...

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Jenie. Thanks for this info.

These days, it's really important to take extra precaution because you'll never know! Oh my. I do not want to open an e-mail with virus attached with it. My laptop ... I love it so much and I do not want it to get attacked by any virus..

Thank you again for this post! Hugs!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for the information....

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