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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Posy Lane created and launched a new website, North Dallas Embroidery, and I say I AM ITCHING TO HAVE WHAT THEY OFFER!!!

Embroidery Dallas is a dream come true to "personalize it" people like me. I love giving away stuffs that have the recipients name on it, my gifts almost always is personalized. To me, giving gifts means giving from the heart. Giving someone something you really thought over and believes that he/she would love. I hate it when I had to rush to the mall and pick out just anything just so I have something to hand over. In the same manner if I am given something I knew they just picked up as much. Embroidery Dallas can actually be in your very event with you and personalize the things you thought of giving to your guests which they would surely love.

I can now imagine my daughters birthday wish with kids backpacks as giveaway and personally named after each of her special friends she plan to invite. It may not be such a big event but it has to be perfect. And what more will they need and love, but the very bag my daughter loves in different colors and styles?!

I am sure they will find it gorgeous to see my gift to my daughter as well...the nap mat matching her own backpack. And all embroidered with her name: ANYA.

2 remarks:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice post..

kim said...

oh, i love stuff with embroidery. my three children have personalized towels. i find it sweet, lol!

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