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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There are times that I sit at a park and look around me...I see people of different age hurrying along doing their normal day to day activities. I observe them portraying different stations in life with their wardrobes or even the way they carry themselves. Everything seems in order. The world seems peaceful.

But the media discloses how bad the world turned out to be. They make you witness crime after crime that sometimes you can hardly cope up. You cannot begin to imagine such a thing can be done nor can you swallow the fact that you are within the same circle as these animals that God actually created to be human beings. They come up with various ways to raise themselves above others, ways to intentionally harm others, ways to use another for their own benefit regardless of who, how, when, where and why they do so. From rich and powerful individuals to poor and lowly commoners...they have their own ways of being ruled by the devil.

I know of someone who shamefully used her power to her own advantage. She unwittingly dangled her name to probable disgrace when found out but she was blinded by vanity, by money. She failed to care for the teachings, she ignored what is right, she disregarded the norms of the society. She and her family may have enjoyed the fruit of the dishonesty for a few months but now is paying the debt with humiliation and damage in reputation for the deed cannot stay unknown. No secret can be left hidden for so long, there always is a leak.

The wicked will do everything to succeed, they will use everything and say anything to win. And they usually target the weak, and abuse the righteous. It is truly sad when I have heard that the Brotherhood we so value at church had been breached yesterday. A brother was deceived into believing that he is helping another brother in need. He was misled with a sorrowful story of a child who recently had died of Dengue and the father needing cash for paying of debts. He was told of one lie after another. Deceiver "Michael Reyes" even entered the church premises being introduced to many other brethren saying he is from another locale, this and that, then pretended to bring our brother and his family to a place to pay the debtor with part of the cash as payment to a non-existent laptop only to find out hours after that the supposed office door is actually a car park exit. These types of crimes are known in varying classifications depending on their style, "budol-budol gang", "dugo-dugo gang", "akyat-bahay gang"...probably differently called in different languages but they all are the same - CRUEL, SELFISH, SINFUL, ROTTEN, EVIL!

Purely EVIL!

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