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Monday, January 17, 2011


You need not count years to finally have you hair long. You just need grow fast hair vitamins! Because our hair like the rest of our body needs nutrients to keep it healthy. And the sufficiency of the vitamins and minerals will help make it more nourished thus getting the full benefit of growing and having the signs of good health like being lustrous, and bouncy.

The appropriate hair supplements should also be used especially if you are amongst the many who have a very fast pace of life resulting to incomplete intake of the much needed nutrients. More often than not, we tend to just grab a bite and go on with our daily work and routine. We do some filling up without the balance diet. And this leads to malnourishment to our body, thus also is to our hair. You need longer hair vitamins then if you are counted as one like those said above...not to mention those that goes on dieting with the common fad diets that are definitely lacking in the appropriate dietary needs.

I therefore conclude that the more sufficient your vitamins and minerals are healthier your hair will be and the faster it will grow.

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rjs mama said...

i have a long curly hair and you're right - it takes months for the hair to grow long. but right now, i do need a haircut, i don't want my son to think i now look like a witch with all these curls =)

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