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Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

"What is your New Year's Resolution?" This is the most commonly heard question as we count the days until New Year. And the answers commonly revolves around ones hope for change. From personal change to a wider scope. Mostly expected will be positive change towards outlook in life, a change in living, a change in behavior, a change in every little thing one believes to improve themselves or their lifestyle.

SHARING MORE is an idea. With the increasing number of needy children visible in the streets, it is just a very pleasant idea to see them smile and somehow experience the joy of receiving gifts this holiday. Or maybe on a special day in your life, probably a birthday, or even an ordinary day. Imagine the wonderful feeling that you have each time someone you did not expect to give you anything suddenly makes your day bright with a simple gift. You will agree with me when I say that often times, just the thought counts...well, better of course if you get something nice!!! How do you think will someone, a kid, who almost have not experienced receiving anything other than the necessity they need from their parents, feel when he or she receives a toy? A toy that may look ultra simple to you but gold to him or her? If they suddenly were handed a Pier1 Flashing Orbit Ball? There are just so much to choose from that can make a kid jump with joy. They have there great bargains too if you are thinking of buying by the bulk. holiday gifts great, but they are so much expected that I find it best to give also when it is but an ordinary day. More so, giving them to those not expecting at all. You can extend also this charity through the Toys for Tots by dropping off unwrapped gifts at the registry or making cash donations, and by liking Pier 1 at Facebook for their $1 donation to the program for every fan they get.

If it were me, aside from those for Toys for Tots will be for kids within my's always within my style to give personalized gifts...but for groups of kids (orphans particularly) it will be all the same for each group for them not to have any unnecessary jealousies. The same goes for my relatives and friends who have the same age group. Like the available throws for the lady elders and mugs for gentlemen elders. and this I can easily do though Pier1 to where I can find a lot of nice gift ideas. I even have an idea to share to you if you're thinking of giving me a gift (wink!) I fell in love with this Hayworth Mirror & Vanity that is right now on sale. Can't resist telling you...well, if in case you just thought of giving me hahaha!


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2 remarks:

kim said...

that was generous.. i wish there are a lot more like you who think of something to give to others. Merry Christmas!

NovaS said...

what an awesome resolution.... i do hope i can be as brave as you are to have this kind of resolution..

thanks for the comment in my page.... nice to be here

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