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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have never in my life played in a casino. In fact, I never played any game that needs betting. I can say that I am virgin to that sort of things. And the curious me do not stop me from knowing what others find thrilling and exciting. I love hearing different stories of people on how they live their lives. I simply love to see the differences in each one of us.

And this new friend we call Chase is someone yet another character that I fortunately came across. He loves poker games. I am not sure if he ever did Paypal casinos but he said to play poker games online. Once when we went outing with the group, he even bought his bag of chips for them to play cards with. I'm an interested observant, I admit. I do not actually sit within the round table with them but enjoys watching them have fun for hours.

Years ago, I worked in residential resort and the town prior is one of the most seeked place for a slot game. Some of my colleagues then used to come in late the next morning with either slaps in the back or a better-luck-next-time greeting. I used to wonder about these free slots, and if it will guarantee a smile more in their faces. Maybe those no deposit casino bonuses will for some.

I guess, I am amongst those who are stuck with kids games than adult games. Card games like Crazy Eight, Forty four and Monkey-monkey are the ones that I still play up until today ;) How about you? Care to share your "fun" game?

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