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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was out under the stars last night to somehow feel a breeze instead of the suffocating humidity inside the house. And I believe everybody else thought of doing such because neighbors of different ages are out doing their things; one just sitting near their doorstep with a pack of potato chips, some kids playing badminton though already 10 o'clock, a few teens chatting in groups, and even toddlers strutting behind their momma's.

Looking up, I remember 2 decades and 4 years ago, I was a mere 10 year old then, that I was out in our previous home also looking up into the sky. As was last night, I was just trying to find a cooler place other than inside the house but that time with my dad not my own kid. And just suddenly saw a shooting star and believing then of the common "make a wish when you see a falling star", closed my eyes and made a wish. At that same instant though, I heard my dad exclaimed that it is the Halley's Comet everyone is waiting for. That one comet with a tail visible to the eyes of the earthling once or twice only in a lifetime since it comes every after 75-76 years. I vividly recall how amazed I am to see that and of the explanation given me of how lucky we are to see it for its seldom presence. Last night, the sky was just as it always is...bare for some twinkling star and the moon hiding behind the clouds. I wonder...will I see Halley's comet again come mid-2061? Darn, I'll be 85 then if given the chance to live until then.

How about you? Were you able to see it last time it passed by earth?

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