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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's been weeks that I've been hearing of this Jejemon. They are getting popular...but actually in a negative way. It is said they it's spreading far and wide in the net, especially in the social networks, of incorrigible messages coming from them. (I've read nothing more precise in the description of Jejemon than in my dear friend in the blogosphere's post Scribbler's Jejenese Ramblings. See her site for a wonderfully written description of these jejemons.)

Yes, we're not to judge. I believe they are just trying to set a trend or probably hoping to have a name in this crazy world we live in. Hopefully, they are feeling elated being one of the hottest topic blogged about (wink to jejemons?!) Maybe they just want to here "Go Jejemon's" or maybe it just so happen that they enjoy doing this and some people encountered it and somehow felt irritated because they cannot comprehend the words.

Personally...I myself gave a "tsk" and "hmp" when a received a message in that jejemon language. Then again, a mere shake of a head should be enough and LET THEM BE. Let them have that short time of being known and believe that YOU MADE SOME PEOPLE HAPPY. "Patience" dears.

That's just it, right? Let it pass...and soon, another group will think of some other thing to contribute in our world. One thing though, I HATE BEING IN THE DARK. Can anyone satisfy my curiosity as to WHO STARTED IT? Who are the jejemons?

4 remarks:

moonchild117 said...

yeah, let's just let them be. there's too much hate for them already. naaawa na tuloy ako.

i'm curious myself as to who really started it...

Sendo said...

tingin ko matagal na nagsimul ang pajejemon style na writing...nung hyskul pa ko naiinis na ko sa mga jejejeje at sa ka sa mga EOW pOH! jejemon un diba...ngayon lang ata sila nabigyan ng proper name hehe....ayoko naman silang itaboy pero naiinis lang talaga ako sa jejemon language na yan kasi di ko mabasa hahaha..

JENIE=) said...

@ moonchild ~ you're right, i believe the haters outvotes the let-them-be's...poor jejemons.

@ sendo ~ i myself find those messages irritating. Pa-cute and incomprehensible when overly done.

scribbler said...

EoW Powh, JENIE=)!!

Thanks for linking my post here! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my jejense ramblings. jejeje

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