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Monday, May 10, 2010


The most awaited day in the political world have finally is ELECTION DAY. This is actually the very first time that the country have an automated election. And everybody hopes for it's success. Success in the sense that the goal of an easier and cleaner election be achieved.

I'm done this morning after a 2 and a half hour of standing in line under the sun. The line started actually even before the school/place of voting started opening their doors. Probably hoping to be finished with the voting before the sun starts to rise high up, it being summer and truly very humid. And as expected, being within the first 100, the people in-charge are still getting a hang of it as well as the voters. That though there have been preparations, it still is different the very election day when the machine will suddenly need to be troubleshooted when it hangs, when the people goes to and fro locating their precints and checking their numbers, when the line consisting of different age group with differing complaints and attitudes got together, and the weather being dry and the place is out in the open with the sun glaring after it got past the trees.

BUT what the Filipino's are wishing and praying for is the peacefulness of it. That there be no bloodshed or any harmful reactions from the candidates and their groups. Plus the result be as precise as it should and to finally rid the country election with previous discrepancies like flying voters, ghost voters and "dagdag-bawas" (unexpected additional/subtraction from the counting or from the ballot boxes itself).

Now, may this billions worth of automated election serve it's purpose: TIME and PRECISION.

2 remarks:

kimmy said...

good luck to our election!

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

wow! i envy you..buti ka were able to have a pic inside the polling precinct..gusto ko nga din sana kunan ng pic un pagpasok ko ng ballot dun sa PCOS pati un pagpromt ng congratulations ba un..basta un successful na pagregister ng ballot ko..kaya lang sabe nun 1 watcher dun sa precinct ko bawal daw, ee...wala tuloy akong remembrance ng automated election..hehe :D tsaka wala ako nailagay na ganyang pic sa article ko..

nways, hope only the deserving candidate will win :)

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