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Monday, April 12, 2010


Summer time here in the Philippines is when you see most people doing renovations, patching up the roof, starting up with house extensions and doing the much needed Basement waterproofing or wherever else needed to be waterproofed. We try to take advantage of the dry spell to finish up the job before the rain comes again around May or June.

What is waterproofing, you say. That is ensuring that the area you need to work on to will not leak come rain or snow. Moisture built up is the most common reason in the basement, but in the attic or in our roofs, it's obviously cracks and openings where water can seep through. If that happens, either you get puddles on the floor with the leak or decaying ceilings that you need to replace costing you more than doing the preventive measure of waterproofing them. That's actually not the only problem you have to encounter you let such happen, because the moment you have moist ceilings, walls, cupboards or any that is wood, you are inviting insects like termites to infest your home. Another problem to deal with that will not only be costly but irritating to the senses as well since you have to bear with the trouble of inviting professionals to get rid of them with pesticides that will stay smelling for weeks…unless you can spend a fortune for non-smelling ways.

So why not go on preventive now and start waterproofing before those leaks get to you?

3 remarks:

bleep said...

i'm also for prevention than cure...

Anonymous said...

so why not go on the preventive now eh? if ain't broken, don't fix it, wait for something to happen first then fix it immediately incl. the waterproofing

emie said...

hello dear, sorry i was been busy work na kasi...di ko na na visit ang ibang mga friends....thanks sa visit mo..God bless !

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