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Monday, March 8, 2010


I couldn't believe my ears when I heard in the local radio station that there is a way for ANYONE to surf using just a television set! Who would think of this other than a Filipino who is in the third world combating economic crisis but is not at all in the least when it comes to ideas in making countrymen be a part of the world 's ever increasing technological advancement. If not everyone can buy their own personal PC, why stop everyone from accessing the web? Give them a way to, and that is what they did with this SmartBro Surf TV. With just a purchase of modem, you can now be connected!

Start chatting, sending mails and surfing at P4500 initial cost for the package of modem, keyboard and remote control, plus a prepaid load of P100 that will be charging P10 every 3 0 minutes. GOOD ENOUGH DEAL for a typical Filipino home. How about in your country? Maybe this is a good idea to make it also happen outside of the Philippines?

Salute to the Filipino's once again! (wink wink!)

4 remarks:

Anonymous said...

learn more about surftv from smart's official press release here:

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

That would be awfully cool and easy for the kid's to access. What a great idea!

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the nice compliment! And as for my followers...I have no idea what I do! I am a member of SITS and The Mommy Bloggers, and I do get some followers from them. :)

ruby said...

wow! is this for real? like this was innovatively devised by a Filipino?? this sounds really cool! ^_^

theBluesman said...

Salute to the Filipino and to you too, i guess most LCD tv's now come with sockets for PC input, hence there shouldn't be any problem in connecting yr cpu/modem to yr LCD tv but i wouldn't like to connect it at home as i like to surf & read my emails on the privacy of my pc LCD at my pc corner...

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