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Monday, February 1, 2010


One of the vanities of ladies today is nail care. With this was borne Nail Saloon that particularly caters to nail polishing. Differing designs that can be called Nail Art that girls and ladies go gaga about.

I wonder how the mail species take this. From previous conversations with male friends, the percentage of those who prefers short, clean nails for a girl is actually far greater than those having long, painted nails. It seems that this vanity actually is specifically for inspiring and pleasing the female circle alone.

May we then invite MALE FRIENDS here in the blogosphere to comment on this, please. Enlighten us ladies of what you prefer better.

8 remarks:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

long painted nails get attraction..

ASWANI said...

Well, I can't say much. But yes, I agree to Arvin. Long nails look more attractive are so more preferred in gals.

Yen said...

Talaga? cge magpapahaba na ko ngayon ng kuko, hahha,

theBluesman said...

First of all i do admire these girls having such work of art on their nails. I've seen many with not just the variety of colours alone but with nice artistic designs too. They must either have lots of time doing it themselves or spent lots of money to get others to do it for them. Nice but then as a man, i feel that only the nail owners are feeling very nice about it as the other ladies will just give an envious/hatred look whilst the men tends to give it a short glance and cursorily & quickly move further to the other assets the girl has to offer. Sorry if this sounds a bit direct but i thought you had asked for an honest opinion.

And what next? And men like to befriend such owners of those nicely decorated nails but i would say that it's more for flirting & showing off rather than anything else. Oh may be i'm old fashioned & too asians in my thinking but again you did ask for my views altho' others may not share my views.

Some males may be scared of such long nails as these can be used as deadly weapons when the advances are unwelcome or even in sometimes a welcome situation the scratches can be quite painful, you know what i mean.

Given a choice, i would prefer my girlfriend to have short & clean nails but at times do not mind having some soft colours to go with them as my girlfriend should also portray "our hearts" when expressing herself in public, even her dressings too should conform accordingly.

David Funk said...

I'm not the right person to ask about this either. But Arvin is most definitely right that long nails grab our attention.

Zvonko said...

it is nice to see long nails if they are clean and decorated to look as natural as possible, everything else is superfluous to them.

Painting and engraving nail polish make such unnatural, I personally do not like it when the nails look unnatural

Joops said...

When it comes to a woman's hands, I like well-manicured nails. I find the French manicure to be really appealing. I don't like when nails are painted black or blue...something just doesn't look right about it. I like short or long but not too long or too short. When it comes to the toes, I think the signature Philippine pedicure is very unattractive. If you've seen it, you know exactly what I mean. They make them narrow and very pointy (I refer to them as Dragon Feet). In my opinion, toenails should be rounded or straight across.

theBluesman said...

me again, don't you respond at all to yr readers/followers comments Jen?just asking

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