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Thursday, January 21, 2010


It is not surprising that after a decade or more, you will notice some white ant-like in crevices you see in your ceilings, cupboards, backyard, or wherever wood you have around your home. These pests are called Termites. They are pests that eat up your house little by little until it comes to a point that you will find them all caving down on you. If they found your cabinet for your clothes, you will even get bitten by them leaving off a burning itch feeling. But if not, you almost will not notice their presence until you see little droppings of eaten wood. The problem with them is they do not group in just a few numbers, but in colonies! And so the moment it infests your house, it will gather around you and you would need to find and kill them all.

Yes there are ways in preventing infestation, like avoiding moisture rich items go near your house like soils and plants, keep wood away also as much as possible, seek professional to treat termite infestation if found to avoid it from transferring or reproducing to a larger colony; but what if you already have them? Fear not of the termite treatment cost because it will all be worth it the moment they are terminated.

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sakthi said...

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Risma Hutabarat said...

Yakkkss...I hate bugs. I hope I don't have any of them in my house.

Anyway, nice to have you back, dear. Just in case you don't notice, I have tagged you here :) Please come and grab it. It was made especially for you.

And you won't be seeing me on your shoutbox anymore. Since I have some issues with shoutmix (which I don't know exactly what it is). It won't show my visitors link on it. I can only write on cbox or oggyx. I hope it's okay with yoy. But I will always visit you everyday. That's a promise. :D
See you..

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