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Saturday, January 23, 2010


First time parents or not, it always gives us a different kind of excitement to have a baby in our home. And this feeling lasts because our babies cannot grow enough to be not a baby anymore in our eyes. I should know, because now that my li’l one is 4, I still cannot get over the fact that she is growing and that soon enough she will not be a baby anymore.

One thing that reminds me of her “baby-ness” is when I go shopping for her things. Seeing those colorful things with cute and dainty prints, those animals, toys, assorted prints and artistry that make me want to have them all! I have seen this Baby Blanket and I wish to grab it right away. Wherever can you find a cute little thing that is also personalized with your baby’s name, and comes with surprises like rattles and organza bag? Fret not, because your toddler can have one too with their toddler blanket.

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sakthi said...

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Bubble Deck said...

Babies really give joy to every households. However tiring and stressful a day may be, once you see your baby smile at you, every inch of stress is wiped away.

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