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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Do you need to verify a book you have been thinking of but could not remember the title? A movie in the year 1980’s? A You-tube something, an event, a something that crossed your mind and you need to verify? Try Rapidshare Search Engine and type just the known information and in an instant be given books by that author, responses to the you-tube search, etc. Either you view it or even have the option to download some.

Searching have been the most common need the net provides us with, but there are times that it produces zero result, that it makes us wait so long, that it’s loaded with ads that it downloads hours with each button you press. With Rapidshare Search Engine, it goes with the name, rapid! Fast! With almost no ads.

I remember years ago when our technology have not yet started its ascend that you have to rely manually in finding for what you need. So time consuming for me to go to video rental’s and ask around for a certain movie I wanted to watch and have a copy of my own. Like this Somewhere In Time, a classic, a favorite movie that took me months before finally seeing it in a certain store. And then when I had to go to music bars to grab a copy of certain songs in a certain movie. Take My Breath Away from Top Gun is one.

Goodie good that now I can do all this in a flash, and just from home.

2 remarks:

tiff k said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D hehee hope you're doing well!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

this is nice information..nice post..

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