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Monday, December 21, 2009


Not because we call it “dirty ice cream”, it is dirty! A funny name for a food, more so to a delight enjoyed mostly by kids…but truth is, it is a nickname to Sorbetes. This has been with us since the 1920’s, when people with a single centavo can still buy something with it. This ice cream that roams the street commonly in the unholy hour or siesta time of 1 o’clock to late afternoon is in a colorful container that calls you with the tinkling sound of a bell.

Balot comes next to that in the evening. A known exotic food that other countries cannot comprehend why anyone would eat, being an embryo of a chicken. Thinking about it that way, it is revolting. BUT it is just an egg with a few days more but not before time to hatch. It truly is full of wonder tastes like no other. If you would rather do so without looking at it, by all means use a spoon and eat in the dark, because not being able to try it even once, I may say you missed half of your life!

Taho is another awaited treat that starts roaming the street at early dawn. Breakfast to many, snack to others. A healthy food being soy, added with the sweet taste of melted sugar and those cute little sago’s children loves.

Varieties of roaming delights come and go, but these three have been known for decades, and up to present being enjoyed by the Filipinos.

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