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Sunday, November 8, 2009


My sister is definitely among the TV addicts, and as of the present we are using the usual cable. Upon discovery of the existence of this DirectTV that everyone seems to be talking about…her interest have gone higher every passing day.

DirectTV is the best Satellite TV system I can now guaranty upon review of what’s and how’s. I believe there will be no more “NO TV Days” since it’s makes us all whiny not being able to watch when you want to watch just because something is wrong with the cable lines…like my usual complain of our cable being down that was caused by the typhoon thus the coziest day to stretch in your couch and watch is spoiled; or when the cartoon my daughter is watching is all blurry and snowy making her squint and all together make her stop torturing herself. With Directv these will all be a forgotten nightmare in my TV days. They offer packages that outweigh any hesitation one would ever have, if any. A truly wonderful breakthrough to salute mankind!

With just one call and everything is to be set into motion is another pull that my sissy can’t resist. Even my other sibling who is a sports freak knowing that they offer more than what he can handle watching. With Direct TV I can just imagine them not getting away from the television for days because with just cable they can stay hooked for hour after hour, what more with this service.

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