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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Landscapes have always made a great impact on me whenever I look into houses. Well, because the surrounding area and the garden is part of my dream house.

The blending of elements of nature and construction is of importance, thus it is also an art and skill combined to create these beautiful landscapes. Upon further probing on this, I gathered that it is not merely the plants and flowers around or the paths, but also of the terrain shapes, the elevations, the ponds, the fences, the structures like gazebo’s (or whatever objects added) and the lighting.

How I wish to start on with that dream of having one of my own!

5 remarks:

Duni said...

I love beautiful architecture. Our house still needs a lot of work on the outside!

Happy Sunday!

theBluesman said...

You've said it right, it all start with a dream, then the planning, then listing out with the possible resources and finally go turn your dream into a reality.

wendy said...

hello, blog hopping...

I always dream of a house with a big and nice garden too :)

Petula said...

Yea, I wish my yard was nicer. It would be wonderful to be able to fix it up and enjoy it.

Ast Abe said...

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