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Saturday, November 7, 2009


It’s mighty important for me to have a camera for all those stuffs I’d like to share with you here in my blog…and it’s truly sad that my digi-cam suddenly just won’t come back to life, for no apparent reason. Upon having it checked, LCD is the problem. And a more bigger problem is it ‘s part has to be purchased all the way from across a thousand sea’s! Well, kindda overestimated that, but the thing is, I have heard of this site where digital camera accessories can be purchased with additional FREE SHIPPING OFFERS & FREE CLEANING KIT FOR ORDERS PLACED BY PHONE. What say you about that?!

But guess what, I suddenly have seen a more hand-itching gadgets I want to put my hand on (oh no, not a shopaholic mind you!). They are just way too tempting. Honestly, I’ve always wanted an underwater camera. It’s so nice to see pictures of others taken underwater with their mouths all popped out and bubbles coming out of everywhere (everywhere?! Hahaha). With that, I believe a plan for diving comes along (o-oh another putting the wallet upside down, poof!)

See what I mean? With your camera, you get to have so much fun. Plus it’s very use…photography. Though not a professional one, I’d like to do my very own shoot. But first off…I’ve got to have my camera work again…or buy one maybe ;)

2 remarks:

emie said...

i think i might get a new camera too dear, i can not fix my dates at all. I tried it once but i ridiculously erase my important pictures.

Good thing u share this website thanks for the award ill get it soon....muahhhhhhhhh

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Jenie, Good to see you today
Ohhh sorry to hear about your camera. Sometimes is it is cheaper to buy a new one then to have the old one fixed. Good Luck

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