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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Whooshing bikes passing you by! May it be the usual motorbike, big bike, or a it, we have it. It seems that Filipino’s don’t just go with the phone craze or whatever techie gadget they get hold of, but goes to as expensive as bikes, and even cars.

With them visible in almost every street all over, though mostly in the Metropolitan Manila, it’s a wonder how can that be when we are considered to be among the third world countries.

It’s not surprising that it is also as it was in other more developed countries. In fact, it is nice to see these single men and women enjoying life and what they earned with their day to day work. BUT WHAT IS ALARMING is the increase in fatal accidents and lost lives in these bikes. Not just their lives but those unfortunate individuals that get caught up in between.

Forgotten responsibilities with too much “fun” makes it “no fun”. Traffic regulations and safety measures should be followed because these were made to be “IN” all the time.

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Dews said...

Is it so in Manila, Jenie? Sounds like a great city! I hope one day I can go there. :)

But accident in the road is not a good thing. We ought to be more careful, right?

About your question in my blog, this is my answer:

As far as I know, permanent link is the link that you put in your post and never remove it from there.

As long as those links remain in your blog, they called by permanent links. :)

CMIIW Jenie.

And so sorry for not being your blogs visitor for couple weeks. Many things I have to do now. :(

And thank you soo much for your visits. :)

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