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Monday, August 3, 2009


Call me sentimental if you must...but would you believe that this Entrecard that I know nothing about really is making me meet not just bloggers, but friends. I know it’s suppose to be for credits, for links…but I value the friendship that finds its way together the more.

This blogging is proving to be more fun than I expected. My neighbor and friend Ellen introduced this to me. She guided me as to how to start, etc. She shared her incomes with the Advertizers and have convinced me to push through with it. But what I found more interesting is the webs that could tangle itself to other sites…to bloggers. And if they let me, I go beyond the “see you on this site” next time but further to social networks like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter…etc.

More so…I see places around the world through the eyes of others. Sharing is friendship. And I believe..blogging is friendship as well!

Glitter Words

4 remarks:

S-H-Y said...

halo girl, this blog was already added in my blogroll long hope you do the same mwah!.

natalee said...

im following..natalee..follow me club..

Anonymous said...

blogging is friendship, you said it right

Paulette said...

yeah true true!! i started to blog years ago without the intention of earning.. and yeah i haven't earned a cent with my blog but i have earned lots of friends.. people who i share the same passion with and people who are unique in their own ways... ;)

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