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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I can honestly reveal that I love cars…and I believe them to be one of the best man has ever invented. And it seems that almost all people take advantage of this magnificent invention. Here in our country we even have the so-called color coding scheme due to that love for cars. Almost every family has it, and some even have more than one within the family.

And so it’s not surprising to see cars FOR SALE everywhere. And no matter what country you may be, you’ll be seeing them as well. Just as you will in UK. May it be brand new cars or not, in buying one, you don’t just go and buy what is offered. We definitely would want a discount, with no such tedious task of filling out form after form that will take you hours…in short you want the best deal!

Used cars demands more care in ensuring you’re not buying one that will cause you more headache than having to commute. Just the same, travelers that makes use of car lease have got to know where best to go in obtaining a secure transportation though temporary.

Used Mercedes Cars would be my choice in case I am in such a position…it has always been by dream to drive a MBenz=)

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Anonymous said...

Get the older model esp the 124 series where any simple mechanic can have a look at it. The later benz series uses a lot of 'computerised' stuff and they need to be handled by the bigger workshops who will charge you a bundle too. I love the benz too and i've got one of those old benz, see my blog under Traffic, it's so comfy to drive esp long distance.

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