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Friday, July 31, 2009


Ever heard of such game? Cousin Ryan who now lives in D.C. became the independent Filipino turned American in just a few years. It has been years since I last talked to him, until a few months ago. He’s been hanging out with whites and blacks, and he had acquired their culture…even their tastes; with the food, the ladies…and the “in-things”.

One of which is this so called Beer Pong he enlightened me about. It’s more like a race for 2 contenders in drinking beer lined down before them. The first to finish wins. CORRECT ME if I’m wrong about this, all you who are beer drinkers and those who know more about this than me.

Obviously, the healthy quotation of “A beer a day is good for the health” does not apply here. When in fact I was kindda thinking of saying that even that quotation is not as applicable when health is the issue since why would you start with drinking when you’re not a drinker?! Plus the significant facts that you have to consider your blood glucose level and triglyceride level even if it’s just a shot of red wine. Red wine’s said to have beneficial effects to HEALTHY individuals, but what of the unhealthy ones?

Well, maybe you just ought to consider some of those things you neglect to consider, huh?! Remember: Life’s too fragile.

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5 remarks:

Anonymous said...

Life's certainly very fragile, what more if you drink, so don't start ya

Ria said...

I've seen this in action while in Las Vegas. I don't think I'll have the stomach for this. I don't drink at all so I'll pass on this one.

melandri said...

make a good one so you'll get the good one too..

The Redhead Riter said...

for you...

jenie said...

i appreciate all the i told each one of you!

...i USED to bea beer drinker, but can tolerate the hard ones better. finally, i got tired of all those drinks! haha. better yet, i was inspired to stop=)

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