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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is a story in relation to my TIME-OUT post, which I heard decades ago on the devil’s way to entice and continuously have the greater percentage of mankind to have one leg in his hand:

3 devils were on training, and the last test they need to pass is their convincing quality, and so they were asked “what they you tell man to stop them from entering heaven ?”

1st devil: I will encourage them to kill and steal from one another! (The master devil believed that man repents - “you fail!”)

2nd devil: I will create havoc for them to fight another (The master devil again believed man forgives – “you fail!”)

3rd devil : I will trick them into believing that judgement day is still a long wait, that they can atone for their sins tomorrow…and tomorrow…and tomorrow until they get caught that very day! (The master devil laughs and granted the 3rd devil permission to roam the earth and spread the LIE!)

Are we caught up with this lie as well? Do we have that Holy Fear for the wrath of God and forever be in the fires of hell? Then DO NOT believe the devil that there is yet plenty of tomorrows…for tomorrow may NEVER come!

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2 remarks:

Ordinary Mom said...

Wow very deep!!! I came across your comment, thanks for leaving it!! I'm adding you as a follower and hope you will do the same... :)

Russ said...

Ang galing ng #3! Parang -- onga no!
I guess the right thing to do, judgment day or no judgment day, we should all just be good human beings all the time.Ü

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