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Friday, July 10, 2009


Since June 25th, the feeling of loss is within me. And the memorial service made me gloomy all the more. Michael Jackson was not just a music icon, not just a king of pop…he was larger than life! My tears kept flowing throughout the service, more so with each revelation those close to him shared that is not known to all.

Personally, I salute him for the obvious effort he gave to show people in need that there is someone out there who cares a lot. And in his own special way he reached out. In as much as he can, he gave. That his life (being where he was) was not all fame. He gave a part of that life to charity. He made history with his selfless act of uniting black and whites; he paved a way for the government to reach out more arms to the major population; he gave happiness to children by making possible a little dream to come true with a “Neverland” (of all the billionaires in this world, who ever did think of such and make it happen? No one!); or even as simple as being visible in places individuals flee from in fear of their lives to somehow ease the victim’s pain and loneliness.

Don’t you think it is a loss? A BIG loss!

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