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Monday, June 1, 2009


This term seems to be getting more and more popular these days. I hear them on the news and see them at bar entrances (“No Crossdressing” signs). In fact, just yesterday I heard it on national tv, Q- channel, when they featured the Top 10 Most Shocking Television Celebrity Issues”. And ranks 2 of which is the then matinee idol Rustom Padilla turned to Bibi Gandanghari issue after a make-over, but personally claims to be a totally different person by declaring that “Rustom is dead”! a “he” turned “she”. He is then a perfect example of a crossdresser (in the real sense of the word!), but disagrees vehemently. And so, was extremely offended when weeks ago, he was blatantly refused admittance to a certain event he was invited to. Management stood firm on their rule to “No Crossdressing” no matter the social status.

The whole country was dumbstrucked with the celebrity’s revelation to his change of identity. He claims to be a whole new person, and came back with a changed name, personality, and attire. Unfortunately, people basically cannot accept that as a fact since it was disclosed that he still is a man under woman’s clothes. That there has been no surgical procedure done to eradicate traces of masculinity.

Tsk! Tsk! Maybe he should have lived in the late 18th Century wherein children from wealthy families wear dresses up to age six with matching long curly hair, and continued on from there.

Maybe the reason for the public’s denial in accepting his wishes is his way of blatantly declaring and believing himself to be a woman instead of being of the third-sex.

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