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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was in college…and years have passed since my then last real encounter with the unknown. Some said I have this so-call “third eye” and that if I have it developed, I can see and talk with the spirits. Whoa! Who would want that?! Not me!!! And so have decided to close that eye instead. How? I don’t know. Maybe unconsciously, I just did. I think I did! Or, maybe I did. If I remember right, I just closed my eyes one night and pictured another eye in my forehead and closed it as well. Well, it seemed to have worked because after doing so, I haven’t seen or felt any unusual presence that I used to feel prior to that evening.

UNTIL one afternoon! That was during our community practicum on my 4th year in College. Our group, around 6 of us, was in a remote area in Tondo, Manila. We were staying at the Barangay Chairman’s residence. It’s the unholy hour of the day, 3:00p.m., and we’re waiting for our afternoon snack to be cooked (street food kwek-kwek, a chicken egg dipped in an orange mixture and deep fried). The team leader, Jamil, decided to have a little fun and used his said “psychic-power” to read each one’s personal characteristics, it being our first time together. We asked him how he can do it and admitted to seeing a certain aura on top of our heads, and that he can see through us. I didn’t believe him, but went along with them. He then started with his “reading”, telling each one of their attributes, and they all agreed to what he says…but when it was my turn, he went blank. He said he can’t get thru, that there is a wall or something blocking him. One of my group mates revealed that I have a third eye, the information she got from me the other day when we were telling stories of our childhood escapades. Jamil asked me to open it. I really don’t know how to open or close it…but as he has demanded, I tried what I did before and imagined opening an imaginary eye. A few heartbeats after, he exposed my sensitivity and being hard driven.

It didn’t end there…we continued to blabber around as we took our snack. I noticed though that Jamil was faltering, giving me side glances then at a curtain behind me. As we went to the family area, our topic changed to scary ones. The lady of the house interjected that we shouldn’t be on such topic at such a day (friday) and hour. Upon doing so Jamil opened up that earlier he’s been seeing a man hovering behind me, and that produced a gasp from the old lady saying her father just passed away a few months ago and described the very man Jamil said to have seen!!! At that very moment I felt a dizzying sensation in time with my hair at my nape standing up. I turned to Jamil and found my vision turning black from the outer most to the center as if being gobbled up. He seemed to have known what’s happening and hurriedly grabbed me by the arm and sped away from the house without a word. As we went further away, my vision clears up to normal. He then informed me that the spirit was about to possess me!!!

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