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Monday, May 4, 2009


At exactly 2:30 this Sunday afternoon, the ususal passing of motor vehicles in the Philippine highways and small roads most probably decreased by more than 50%; crime rates must have reached ZERO, electricity might be more than a notch higher; some blood pressures rose to almost above normal; people staying at home is greater than those outside. BECAUSE the “best fighter in the world” Manny Pacquiao was again been dared in the ring of the boxing arena!

I myself felt the excitement of the awaited bout. My heart swelled with pride, and tears of joy gathered at the corner of my eyes as his entourage follows his “smiling” confident face. Him being a Filipino, God-trusting, fair fighter and selflessness adds to my love for him

Though the fight lasted until only the 2nd of the 12 rounds, it was a worthwhile to watch! His opponent being overly confident days prior, and a little insulting of our “pacman” added to the desire for our champ to beat him. And it’s more than a beating that most were probably craving when at the very first exchange of punches, the challenger Hatton have unfairly sneaked blows on Manny while on an octopus hug! Not oblivious to it, Manny tried to free himself a couple of times, and seemed to got irked by the constant trickery thus decided to throw back assaults he deserve. Head shaking blows that left him breathless and fainty. Three times he was knocked down, two of which at the very first round, and if not for the bell saving him, might very well have ended then. His third fall brought about by “The Left” hand mighty punch made me cried out loud, both for he winning hooray and at the same time for the distressing image of the underdog flat on his back, with rolling eyes and his fiance’s worried expression. He wasn’t able to gain full consciousness even after the referees count of ten (or even 20!)

I might have felt distressed long if he isn’t as conceited and as unfair…well, that’s how boxing is. One wins, and one loses.

And our very own “Peoples Champ” wins again!!!

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