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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


High school days are memorable for most, so was for me! Though, my memories of it are not always the pleasant ones. I remember hearing from below our classroom, the clinic, thrashing and growling amidst chanting of prayers as one of my schoolmates was said to have been possessed by a bad spirit and was being exorcised by a group of priest and nuns ( my school being a catholic school). Another is at one time seeing a woman passing by our room front door but never on the back door. The teacher upfront noticed it as well, and was awaiting the woman pass by the back door just like me…but it was a mighty long time so she checked outside thinking it might be a visitor waiting by the door. No one was there!

But those were nothing compared to what happened on an overnight retreat our class had in Tagaytay in my junior year. After lights out, the all-girls class of 40 continued to giggle and whisper in the dark. The big room we occupied was subdivided into quarters , each with two occupants. I am with my then best friend, Olive. We were on two separate beds at a right angle, and been snuggled deep into the covers due to the coldness of the night, though all windows have been closed and locked. There were two doors at each side of the room, but on our quarters were just hanging curtains to give privacy. At exactly 12MN, we suddenly heard one of the doors of the room opening and closing with a loud bang. It was followed by a loud sighing of a lady as if in deep agony and grief, followed by three steps with accompanying sound of chains being dragged, and then another loud slamming of the other door from the other side of the room. It’s suppose to be about 10-15 steps away, and not the mere 3 that the lady takes. It goes on and on…the door banging, the sigh, chained steps, and the second door banging again. The very first time the lady made herself heard, Olive jumped into bed with me right away. I believe all 40 occupants of the room heard her as well. What’s more frightening is the position of our quarter, which is directly along the path she’s walking to and fro. That anytime she decides to reveal herself to me, she can raise herself up…just as how she flies from one door to another, and appear directly in line with our vision unto the divider. Our breathing came in gasps fearing that she’ll hear us. It’s the first time I felt the so-called “cold sweats”. Our heartbeat skipped a beat when after we whispered that the banging windows were supposed to be locked, the lady pounded on our side walls to which I’m leaning to. She heard us and was not pleased about it! I thought she’ll materialize inside our room that very moment, instead, she continued on with her moaning. Once, someone from another quarter turned on their flashlight unto the roof the same instant the door was being opened…it paused, and slammed shut when the light was turned off.

That’s the longest night of my life! We just continuously prayed, and at one time, 2 of our other friends came in and joined us in our area. AT exactly 5AM, the door finally slammed shut, and didn’t open again. A full minute of silence before the one nearest the light switch got the nerve to rush to turn it on. Pandemonium broke lose after!!!

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