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Monday, April 27, 2009

The DEVIL strikes at worship

I believe that worship services are the most targeted occasion the devil strikes its destruction, sidetracking believers from the message of God being delivered. From wailing infants inside the church, car alarms in the parking lot, even sudden passing of an emergency vehicle with blaring sirens…or any noise of different nature that comes at the precise moment that the highlight of the significant information is being conveyed.

That was the same case the last time I was at church. The lecture is substantially essential, and is being imparted impeccably. The minister is brilliantly passing on the information, and that may be the reason for the devil to do its diverting. In front of hundreds of brethren , a really HUGE butterfly, each wing more than the normal size of a man’s hand, came flying overhead near the first few rows. Over and over, it passes through the whole width of the church, and though it came in from the back, it stayed fluttering on the front where everyone can see it!

Hopefully, those who witnessed it, which is probably all in attendance, stayed focused and was able to beat the devil with its prank.

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