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Saturday, February 28, 2009


OPINION: Yes. But with it comes a true reason, and that is LOVE.

Having a child is a responsibility greater than any other. More than a promise, far more important than a word uttered under oath. It is a life long responsibility not for oneself, but of another that is dependent on you, and of how you will clear the path to the childs success or downfall; happiness or downcastness. It is a responsibility for another life, a life entrusted to you by the Creator.

And so, disciplining a child starts not when he/she is already comfortable with an attitude that you think needs to be changed. It has to come before the foundation has been firmly erected. A child needs guidance right from the very start. And it will all start through immitation.

The most important reason to change one's life is the birth of a child. And there are hundreds of thousands of unbecoming life changed because of a child. It just denotes that they see the magnanimous significance of their parenthood. And hopefully, they get to hold on to this important knowledge during the wayward course travelled in rearing their child.

That includes the hardest part, the years of growth and development, wherein constant guidance is needed to assure a child's strong foundation to a God-fearing individual, and bearing a commendable attitude. During that stage, a strong hand is needed to strong willed-children. But this is exercised if after continuous kind-worded reminders and needed verbal reprimands, the child still shows negative reactions and off-attitudes.

Parents must understand that disciplining a child differs, just as each child is different. There are some that can be left to analyze what he has done wrong, but there are some that needs to be told or guided to the realization of the misdeed. But it should be done the right way as to show them it is being discussed to avoid being repeated, and all for their own good and of love of their parents for them. If some needs physical discomfort to prove a point, some needs mere words. However how, parents should always remember that the primary reason for the discipline is not to punish, but to show them what is right and wrong, for love.

Just as our God the Father Almighty disciplines us...for LOVE.

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IamNoOne said...

"Parents must understand that disciplining a child differs" - very true. I'm not a parent but I know that the disciplining part is one of the difficult task a parent has. Every child reacts in a different way. And I guess, disciplining should starts at a very young age but not necessarily with an iron fist, but with a constant guidance and love.

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